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Establishing Credibility with Thought Leadership Content

Thought leadership is all about building credibility. We like to think about thought leadership as a validation tool for your business. When a customer has a problem, or requires a solution, we want you to be the go to person they think of in that situation. Or, maybe the client goes online to investigate their issue further, and finds your perspectives and views on challenges faced in their market. This helps them to identify that you are a leader in your industry.

Another scenario could be that your customers may not even realise they have an issue, and you need to ensure you build credibility with clients in order to guide them towards a resolution. A resolution that you can help them with.

Education is part of the sales process

In the technology market, it is often the case that vendors and resellers need to educate their customer base due to the complexity of products and solutions. Building thought leadership platforms is a way to engage customers, communicate strategies and drive better sales conversations with prospects. It positions you as a leader in the industry, and forms a stronger foundation from which to target new clients.

Forbes reports that buyers don't meaningfully engage suppliers' sales reps until they are, on average, 57% of the way through the buyer journey. This means that for IT vendors and service providers, it is becoming increasingly difficult to capture a customer's attention, before they have done their research and formed a decision about which supplier to choose.

Furthermore, LinkedIn published a report following a survey across 10 million IT buyers and found that 67% of the surveyed IT buyers said they would be more likely to consider an IT vendor who educates them through each stage of the buying decision. In terms of the best format for the content to educate buyers, the survey participants deemed non-branded, broad-themed and non-sales focused content as the most compelling and interesting.

Positioning you as a thought leader

We help IT vendors to build thought leadership strategies - looking at who to target and the most compelling messaging for their target markets. We then create the plans, schedules and content to deliver against that thought leadership strategy.

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