Novus Networks

Novus Networks were launching a range of new cloud solutions for the education market and needed to target the sector with industry relevant messaging.

NovusSolutionPositioning-The Sales Way



From their base in a historic corn mill in the Cheshire countryside, Novus has an incredibly strong background providing enterprise IT hardware to the education sector, working closely with schools and education institutions across the UK to deliver virtualised infrastructure and desktop solutions.

As the world of enterprise IT is changing, Novus recognised that it was crucial to flex and change to ensure they were consistently delivering solutions that addressed the evolving challenges faced by the education sector.  With more organisations opting for cloud services over traditional infrastructure in a bid to improve collaboration and reduce costs, Novus looked to harness Microsoft’s cloud offering, Azure, for its education solution offering.

This led to Novus creating a range of new brands and solutions for their packaged Microsoft Azure offerings for schools.



The Solution

Novus approached The Sales Way to support them with their solution proposition development.  We worked with the Directors at Novus to plan out their sales messaging and marketing strategy for their new solution set.  The Sales Way started by reviewing the different stakeholders within education organisations and uncovering their objectives to ultimately understand the value that Novus’ cloud stack could bring to clients.  We then extrapolated this information to create key solution messaging and marketing headlines that could quickly and succinctly describe the outcomes that schools could realise from the new Novus cloud service.

To lead the campaign, The Sales Way came up with a strategy for Novus centred around ‘enabling flexible and accessible learning environments’ for students.  The focus was around how technology could enable more flexible learning styles and activities, by the omnipresence of the cloud which allowed students and staff to access learning materials and tools from anywhere.

Rather than focus on the detail of the solution, we worked with the Novus team to understand the outcomes for schools when implementing the new service, focusing on the new activities that the education Azure solutions would make possible for student and staff.

We then worked down from these high level messages to link the product to day to day outcomes; such as students being able to access the files they created in class from home, so that the valuable and tangible outcomes of the solution were clear in Novus’ marketing and sales campaigns.

Many technology marketing campaigns stop at the ‘benefits’ of a solution.  We took this further and looked at what outcomes were realised by these benefits, and then what activity each outcome enabled for the school.

We also ensured that at all times we used relevant focused wording and sentiment, so that the messages resonated with school management.  This could be as simple as avoiding overly commercial messaging, through to directly targeting education specific challenges or recent industry law changes that could be applied to the solution.




Novus left our session with a clearer understanding of the impact of their new solution range, and how this impact could be relayed to clients through their marketing campaigns.

The new messaging formed the basis of Novus’ microsites dedicated to the solution, and enabled the sales team to take out fresh messaging to the market that spoke directly to their educational customers.

Focusing on the strategic concerns of the schools they were speaking to meant that Novus’ marketing messaging had much more credibility than talking at a product feature level.