A next generation cloud service with a smart channel enablement strategy to suit.

Using clear and consistent sales enablement content, Novus Networks now have a creative channel sales kit to help take the MySchoolDesktop proposition to customers, increasing their rate of customer acquisition across the education market.
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Novus Networks is a boutique IT consultancy, specialising in delivering bespoke client virtualisation solutions for the education market. Recognising the evolving needs of the education sector, Novus Networks have acted ahead of the curve and introduced a cloud desktop virtualisation service to complement their traditional onsite solutions, called MySchoolDesktop.

MySchoolDesktop allows schools to deliver desktops to their students and staff as a cloud service, without the headache of implementing and managing a complex solution themselves.


The Challenge

When delivering a pioneering new solution, it is crucial to ensure all salespeople communicate consistently to their customers in order to prevent dilution of the solution benefits.

Novus wanted to ensure that their partner community had a clear understanding of the market pressures faced by education organisations, so that they are in a position to then help schools and universities overcome these challenges with the MySchoolDesktop solution.

With the explosion of information and hype surrounding cloud services currently, it would be very easy for the benefits of the MySchoolDesktop solution to become lost among the noise, therefore Novus needed a way in which their partners could get a speedy grounding in the solution in order to take the MySchoolDesktop message to their customers. Traditional sales training would not have been an option as it would have resulted in months of training for multiple groups of partner telesales staff, significantly delaying the time to revenue for the product.

A faster sales enablement approach that would allow Novus Networks to empower their channel community was critical for the success of MySchoolDesktop.


The Solution

In order to successfully launch the MySchoolDesktop proposition to market, The Sales Way created a comprehensive Sales Playbook, featuring intelligence on the education sector and how IT can address market challenges, layered with detailed overviews of how different buyer roles within a school should be approached from a sales perspective.

Building on the Sales Playbook knowledge, The Sales Way then crafted a Whiteboard Sales Guidebook – which demonstrated how a salesperson would present an end to end solution proposition, with sales scripts to assist in telling the story of the MySchoolDesktop service.

Novus now have a channel ready sales kit to take to their partner base.



The key deliverable of the Sales Playbook was to capture the essence of the message that Novus wanted to get across to their customers.

The Sales Way’s Sales Playbook ensured that Novus’ key messages could be understood from both a business and IT perspective, in a way that a salesperson reading it could then go out and have a truly valuable conversation with their customer, demonstrating industry expertise and sector specific knowledge.

The critical success factor of the solution was the ability to take the Sales Playbook and Whiteboard Selling Guidebook to many sales people within multiple organisations at once, without having to create a lengthy, expensive training programme.



Novus now have a professional and cohesive channel proposition pack that assists them in their conversations with prospective resellers of the MySchoolDesktop solution. This means that Novus Networks can take their solution to market quicker than anticipated, therefore reducing the time it takes for resellers to start generating revenue from sales of MySchoolDesktop.

It also means that Novus ensures consistent communication of the MySchoolDesktop solution.

Additionally, Novus and their resellers have saved thousands of pounds in expensive onsite training activities, reducing time and labour costs incurred from salespeople sat in training classrooms rather than in productive meetings with their customers.


The Future

Novus can now take their MySchoolDesktop proposition to new partners more faster, and in a format that telesales and technical specialists alike can interact with easily for the best results.