Reaching the Premier League with Content Marketing


Our content marketing is different from the rest. It’s not about the product: it’s about the customer, the customer’s market and the challenges they are facing. We keep that central and then link in how that product can help the client to achieve the client’s objectives whilst ensuring the customer always has interesting content to read, consume and inform their purchasing decisions.
We have worked on a number of complex projects for tech companies across the legal, health and education sectors but today we are going to talk about our work helping a cloud hosting and analytics company with their content marketing into the sports sector.



We were asked by Birmingham based C24 (now part of the Six Degrees Group) to help them gain more traction within the sports stadium and arena sector for their analytics product, Bi24.

C24 is a £5 million turnover cloud hosting provider, who have a particular specialism in analytics and partner with an industry-leading EPOS vendor to deliver analytics and point-of-sale systems to stadia across the world. They work with over half of the premiership football clubs and have a number of high profile stadia and concert venues in the US who they count as customers.
To demonstrate their specialist knowledge in the sector, C24 asked The Sales Way to create a content marketing strategy aimed directly at stadium owners and operators to get them switched on to the benefits of employing analytics.


Getting match fit

The Sales Way recognised that talking at a product level was not going to engage readers so instead we crafted a campaign focused around how sports venues could generate higher revenues by driving engagement with fans across Internet of Things (IOT) connected devices and by making better business decisions based on analytics.
We looked at a broad array of analytics solutions and trends in the market, outside of the core analytics capabilities that C24 offered, to engage, educate and inspire stadia operators to take action.
We created content that discussed how analytics were being used by sports teams to improve player fitness, game strategy and fan engagement. At a strategic level, we were able to provide content that would be read and enjoyed by stadia operators, rather than creating branded sales content that was too product focused.
The Sales Way interviewed members of the C24 team and created content such as “The Future of the Stadium – IOT, Big Data and Cloud”, “Happy Fans through Smart Stadium Management” and “What Can Sports Arenas Learn from Casinos?”. The content was then published across sales teams’ LinkedIn profiles and company blog platforms, and resulted in the hosting providers’ partners sharing it out to their own customers too. This is the real differentiator about thoughtful, technical content marketing: if it is done well and isn’t product focused then it will be shared and read by your customers. It is a form of marketing that is responding to the change in buyer behaviour and it is particularly suited to the UK tech sector where solutions are becoming more complex and the line between reseller, cloud provider and manufacturer is blurring.


Key results

C24’s content marketing strategy delivered by The Sales Way has led to C24 strengthening its partnership with its stadium clients and also its product partners who sell into the hospitality sector. It has differentiated their proposition by demonstrating thought leadership in the space and separating them from being merely a product supplier.
Crucially, the content marketing approach has led to one of The Sales Way’s articles for C24 now being featured in a two-page spread in Sports World Magazine which is sent out to over 550,000 sports clubs worldwide. As the article focuses on how stadium operators can generate more revenue by harnessing Internet of Things technology, it will attract potential buyers over and above a standard advertisement in the magazine.
The difference with our approach is our ability to understand the drivers and objectives of resellers, service providers and vendors, combined with careful observation and an in-depth awareness of client market challenges and initiatives.
We are a little different to your average marketing agency because we specialise in the enterprise tech channel – finding that perfect balance for vendors, distributors, resellers and cloud service providers.