C24 Sales Playbook

An inventive sales enablement solution to deliver real results for the UK Public Sector.

C24 were launching a new service for the Public Sector to help organisations cope with the data explosion they were facing, and they needed a sales playbook that would help their sales team and partner teams communicate their message to new customers.



C24 are an applications hosting provider, located in the West Midlands. They work with their applications partner network to deliver enterprise hosting services across the globe and recognised the need to deliver a new, innovative cloud service to Public Sector customers that addressed their growth and security needs.

The Challenge

C24’s Storage as a Service solution was a very new and original idea for the Public Sector market, as it offers the benefits of cloud services combined with the security and control of keeping storage hardware onsite at the customer’s datacentre.

Because this was a new type of solution for IT sales teams to deliver, C24 needed a go-to-market sales strategy to ensure that customers understood the pioneering approach adopted by C24 to help Public Sector customers. As this type of service had not been delivered before, it was of critical importance that the message was delivered clearly and consistently, hence why C24 decided to work with The Sales Way to create a sales playbook that would map out the customer journey and sales strategy for the solution.


The Solution

The Sales Way worked with C24 to understand their key sales messages, and to simplify the complexity of the solution so that Account Managers could comfortably discuss the business and technical benefits of adopting the Storage as a Service solution.

The playbook created by The Sales Way also focused heavily on educating salespeople about the current Public Sector market so that they comprehended the challenges faced by education and health bodies—which assists salespeople in their commercial discussions, helping to build credibility and relationships with their clients.

To make the sales training easier to deliver and also digest, the playbook has a strong focus on visuals by graphically representing a lot of the information. This makes it easier and quicker for sales teams to understand the core messages of the solution so that it reduces the time required for sales training.

C24 can now ensure their new clients receive a consistent messages that delivers impact every time.



C24 can now take their new solution quickly and easily to new partners, in the knowledge that they have the tools required to help salespeople to get up to speed quickly with their dynamic storage solution.

Furthermore, it means that C24 can get their sales messaging right first time into their new customer base, creating higher levels of client satisfaction from the start.

The Future

C24 will now be focusing on working with partners to help their salespeople further with selling the Storage as a Service solution into the UK Public Sector.