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The Sales Way supports digital marketing and branding agency with specialist technology copywriting services

Quote Case Study - BBI


The Sales Way was contracted by Big Brand Ideas (BBI), a branding and digital marketing agency based in Macclesfield, Cheshire, to provide specialist technology copywriting services for a client website project. There was a tight deadline in place in order for the website to coincide with a client’s rebranding launch of a £50m turnover business, so time was of the essence on this project.


The objectives of the work provided by The Sales Way were:
• Achieve website go-live deadlines to prevent client branding launch delays.
• Pitch website content at correct level; balancing technical and business information.
• Ensure content resonated with client’s end users whilst staying ‘on message’ with client’s brand guidelines.

The Solution

The Sales Way worked alongside the BBI marketing team for two days to help create the text and web copy for the client’s website. This involved developing headline messaging and more detailed product content across the website; articulating the features, benefits, outcomes and business impact for users browsing the website.

As the end client was a technology solutions provider in the corporate and enterprise space, The Sales Way was able to draw on our technical background to translate complex solution information into meaningful business messaging, within a short timescale.

We also had to ensure that the content we created fell in line with the high level branding strategy developed by the client’s branding agency. This meant taking marketing and strategy messaging and making it work at a product level across the site. Developing copy that was technical enough to speak to a range of web visitors from different backgrounds was critical to helping the client ensure their messaging resonated fully.


BBI achieved a number of outcomes based on the services delivered by The Sales Way:
• Reduced the time to deliver the client web text content from 5 days to 2 days.
• Content created was industry specific and spoke to IT and business users alike.
• BBI was ultimately able to deliver the client’s branding relaunch on time which included the newly designed website.
Managing Director of BBI, Jon Butler, commented, “The Sales Way’s specialist technical copywriting services enabled us to focus on delivering our core services which are digital marketing and branding design, whilst knowing that the content would be credible and pitched at the right level for our client’s prospects and customers.”