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How will AI impact on B2B sales?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly integrated into many industries such as healthcare, alongside particular business departments such as sales and customer service. In a society where everything is becoming more technology dependent, it is inevitable that AI will play a role in sales interactions in the future. We expect […]

Evolution of content – Infographic whitepaper

Making content more compelling Content evolves.  What works one year might not work the next.  But customers still want good quality content to consume from their vendors.  It must be thoughtful, and carefully planned.  It must show instant credibility and demonstrate trust and assuredness. The Sales Way recently worked with […]

Blog from the Intern – Week 3

A Day in Liverpool Half of my time in Manchester is already over now and, weirdly, it feels like I’ve been here forever, but also as if time has flown by quicker than ever. However, after my third week here, there’s absolutely no trace of homesickness at all. In fact, […]

Blog from the Intern: Week 2 – Social Media, Blog Posts & Starting a Podcast

Monday Morning Any fellow late sleeper will agree that this seems kind of impossible, but when my alarm went off last Monday morning, I didn’t even hesitate to get up. In fact, I was looking forward to the coming week so much, that I literally jumped out of bed, got […]

Back to Basics – Content Marketing Explained

  The term Content Marketing has been around for quite a while now, but if you still don’t quite know what it means and feel like it’s too late to ask, this blog post is for you.   What is the aim of Content Marketing and how is this achieved? […]

TheSalesWay Content Marketing for Tech Companies Case Study - Bi24

Find out how content marketing helped drive revenue for analytics and hosting company, C24

The Sales Way helped Midlands based cloud and analytics firm, C24, to drive a thought leadership and content marketing campaign into the UK legal technology sector. C24 originally approached The Sales Way to help them promote their business analytics software solution, BI24, within the legal sector.  This was to be […]

We are moving into the E-Spark Incubator in Manchester!

The Sales Way is pleased to announce that we have moved into the Entrepreneurial Spark ‘hatchery’ in Manchester, UK.  The Entrepreneurial Spark program is a global initiative, providing state of the art support to entrepreneurs and promising small businesses.  In essence, it is a business incubator for innovative and entrepreneurial […]

10 Questions to Refocus Your Sales Strategy in 2016

Starting over again after the Christmas period can be tough – your brain doesn’t quite work as fast as it should, there’s a ton of things you are sure you’ve forgotten from last year and energy levels feel low. Added to this, you’re a sales person so you’re expected to […]

How To: Content Marketing for Tech Companies

  Traditional marketing doesn’t work like it used to for the IT sector.  Channel enablement programs are struggling to maintain the same results they did ten years ago when deal registration programmes actually worked and when partner compensation bonuses were compelling enough to chase. Yet vendors often continue doing the […]

Sales Enablement Thought Leaders – Interview with David Ricketts

Each week The Sales Way will be interviewing a thought leader from The Sales Enablement industry on how they recommend organisations deliver more effective sales and business development results.  This week, The Sales Way speaks to David Ricketts from Applications Hosting Specialist, C24 Ltd, about his views on the Sales […]