B2B Content Marketing

Getting your messages out to clients with content marketing

E-shots often fail to get this message across and brochures don’t provide any real-world or market context.  Content marketing, on the other hand, allows you to put your solution into any ‘story’ and get all of those critical messages across.

Content marketing sounds like another buzzword but in fact it has been around for many years in the B2B sector - especially complex markets where vendor messages rely on content to get their ideas across to clients.

The difference is now that customers want something more - they want the content marketing of the past twenty years taking up to the next level.

We can help you across a range of areas, from whitepapers and case studies through to blogs, LinkedIn publishing and article writing.

Customers now expect to do a lot of research before they reach out to vendor.


Changing buyer behaviour = changing marketing activities

Traditional marketing doesn’t work like it used to for the IT sector.  Channel enablement programs are struggling to maintain the same results they did ten years ago when deal registration programmes actually worked and when partner compensation bonuses were compelling enough to chase.

If it’s true that buyers are making decisions about their IT online; researching blogs, articles and forums about enterprise technology before they make a purchase, then you need to develop your own presence online with the right content that is going to compel people to buy from you instead.

A recent report from Linkedin found that 78% of IT buyers require education to sustain, or make a change to, their IT environment.

What that means is that over ¾ of your contacts making decisions about their IT environments are looking for information and guidance in order to make the right choice.  This is where many vendors, resellers and service providers are missing a trick when it comes to communicating with their buyers.

Content marketing needs to be seen as a validation tool.  So that when your sales reps are calling out to clients, the customer is able to look you up and see instantly that ‘yes, you know what you’re talking about’ – or ‘you understand my sector’.  Or, it might act as an introduction to your company, easing the path for a future sales call.  Finally, it might be useful further down the sales cycle when the client is considering options.  If they had to weigh you up against someone who said they were an expert in a specific sector yet had nothing to show for it online or within specific industry publications, then who do you think the customer would choose?


Our experience in technology content marketing

The Sales Way has worked with companies to develop their content marketing strategies - helping to position them as thought leaders in their target markets.

One client wanted to better target the legal sector, and establish themselves as an authority in the field.  They had the track record, but it wasn't visible on the internet or in their marketing - so how could customers find out about them?

We created a content marketing strategy that focused on issues being faced by the legal sector, and how these market challenges could be solved through technology.  Sometimes we mentioned the client's product, sometimes we didn't.  The aim wasn't to push the product to law firms; it was to open the firms' eyes to our client and enable them to be seen as a trusted technology partner.

This resulted in our client's position in the market increasing dramatically, being featured in national newspapers and industry magazines and being seen as an authority in the legal tech industry.  This has led to increased appointments with customers, and follow on engagement work with clients who have since been involved in interviews, events and whitepapers published by our client.  (Read the full case study here for more details).

We can help you on individual projects or via our Content Marketing-as-a-Service solution, where we act as an outsourced extension of your existing marketing efforts - dovetailing into your marketing campaigns to provide content marketing services.



Content marketing services

Here is an overview of the types of content marketing we deliver:

  • Case Studies
  • Whitepapers
  • Infographics
  • LinkedIn Publishing
  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Thought Leadership
  • Social Media
  • Joint Client Marketing