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Is your business trying B2B vlogging?

With 69% of all internet traffic expected to be video by 2017, can your business afford to avoid vlogging? Is your business vlogging?  Do you even know what vlogging is? And just in case you’re not sure, it’s not pronounced “vee – log”, it’s “vlog” – like blog. Vlogging is […]

Useful Tools for Writing Better Business Blogs

We’ve put together a handy list of some useful tools to help you get started writing b2b blogs or help you to improve your current blog writing practices. Some of these tools are ones we use ourselves when developing content for clients – and can help you to refine your […]

Content Marketing in 2017: what you need to know

In today’s world, sales reps are expected to engage with content marketing more and more; creating their own content, developing their own voice in addition to increasingly using social media as a way to publish their content and own perspectives. Change is constant in our society. So, it is to […]

Why Sales Managers Are Content Marketing Gold

Content marketing: it’s another responsibility for the Marketing Department, surely?  Or is it in fact the responsibility of the Sales teams – to create thought provoking and strategic pieces to share with their prospects and customers? As you might imagine, it’s a mix of the two.  Sales and Marketing functions […]

Evolution of content – Infographic whitepaper

Making content more compelling Content evolves.  What works one year might not work the next.  But customers still want good quality content to consume from their vendors.  It must be thoughtful, and carefully planned.  It must show instant credibility and demonstrate trust and assuredness. The Sales Way recently worked with […]

Back to Basics – Content Marketing Explained

  The term Content Marketing has been around for quite a while now, but if you still don’t quite know what it means and feel like it’s too late to ask, this blog post is for you.   What is the aim of Content Marketing and how is this achieved? […]

Find out how content marketing helped drive revenue for analytics and hosting company, C24

The Sales Way helped Midlands based cloud and analytics firm, C24, to drive a thought leadership and content marketing campaign into the UK legal technology sector. C24 originally approached The Sales Way to help them promote their business analytics software solution, BI24, within the legal sector.  This was to be […]

TheSalesWay Content Marketing for Tech Companies Case Study - Bi24

Using content marketing to drive thought leadership

Analysing what key statistics in the technology sector tell us about content marketing and thought leadership practices for IT vendors and resellers. Content marketing has become a common concept within the technology industry, with 93% of technology marketers stating it was used within their business last year in a bid […]

How To: Content Marketing for Tech Companies

  Traditional marketing doesn’t work like it used to for the IT sector.  Channel enablement programs are struggling to maintain the same results they did ten years ago when deal registration programmes actually worked and when partner compensation bonuses were compelling enough to chase. Yet vendors often continue doing the […]